How to use

Setting up the system is very easy, requiring only some basic knowledge of HTML and web development. All you need to do is to provide some URLs and save some space on your website. We will learn how users browse your website and, together with external public information, feed this data into machine learning algorithms. These algorithms will build models that allow us to choose the best content for a specific user in real time.

Define the website URL & Describe your business

Start by going to the settings page and define the Website URL.

Add some keywords that describe your website or business, this will allow us to search for relevant news.

Leave the Activation Rate in “Learning Mode” for the moment.


Add Origins

An origin is a placeholder for a set of modules.

In the new origin you must define at least one tag.

Add Goals

This is the target URL within your website where you want your customers to land when a specific module is shown and it is the page users will go when they click on a link within the module.


Add Modules

Start by defining a link to a module.

Set the goal for that module and add some tags. At least one tag must match one of the tags defined on the Origin.

You can define which set of modules will show up in which origins by simply defining the correct tags.

Add the scripts to your website

You will find the code snippet on the settings section of the portal.

The best option is to add this code snippet into a common section of your website so that the scripts load on all pages.

Go back to the Origin you defined and click on the icon to get the code of the origin and place it where you want the module to show up.